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With Senior Pastor Josephat Gwajima | GCTC. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 

Senior Pastor Josephat Gwajima
By nature, Jehovah is a step by step God, he gives people one step after another. Also, like always, life is lived step by step, day by day; which is why a person's success is not achieved by just picking up a pice of diamond or just by getting lucky, but is by moving step by step heading towards richness.

Genesis 15:13; Here we can see God talking to Abraham telling him that his descendants (Israelites), will be enslaved for four hundred years. But surprisingly, they were enslaved in Egypt for four hundred and thirty years. (Exodus 12:40-41), we get to see here that one's spiritual or physical success can be delayed and other matters not taken action upon or even thought of.

So that you can understand the meaning of progress, let me use this example: In the life that we live, it is possible for someone to start with a low income, one that is enough for him alone. But after some time, that person may get another job with a higher income and then later on, get a promotion. He then gets to build his first house, and then the second, and then travel far, and build more houses. Those are steps that God has given people to go through as they continue living. By this example, now we see that PROGRESS is someone's ongoing life that God has put for us on Earth.
It is important to know that God has put in everyone's life, steps or divine purpose that will progress a person to success. Which is why King David said "Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me."  Psalms 119:133; King David knew that God gives one step after another to everyone and it is possible for this progress to be hindered.

If you read Jeremiah 25:11-12; "... and these nations will serve the king of Babylon seventy years..." , from there we will see that God told the Israelites that the time they will be enslaved for is seventy years but the question is, did they stay enslaved for seventy years? We have the answer in Daniel 9:2, the Bible says that from the readings Daniel did, he discovered that the time for being enslaved was up. After finding out so, he decided to fast and pray. Like so, someone's life can be delayed not to reach their destiny; which is why one can be successful in twenty years, and the other in seventy years. Basically, they are both successful, but one, much later than the other.
Someone's progress can be delayed by someone else, certain behavior, or the devil himself. Which is why even when the Israelites were leaving Israel, they had an option between the short way or the long one. But they were taken through the long route for forty years through the desert to avoid a battle. The life of the Israelites is a shadow for our spiritual life; meaning that you can become successful after a long period of time just because you don't want to fight. Which is why someone may get married but at the age of sixty, or one might build a house but at the age of seventy with very little time left to live in that house just because you have been delayed.

There are many reasons as to why someone’s progress can be delayed. Those can be a close relative or someone’s behavior (Eg: laziness, jealousy, sin etc.) Today we are going to see just how the devil can delay someone’s progress. In the book of Daniel 10:1-14; Here we can see that Daniel had decided to fast and pray but without any answer, and only on the 21st day did the angel Gabriel appear to Daniel and said, “Do not be afraid Daniel. Since the first day you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before God, your words were heard…” If you keep reading, you will discover the angel telling Daniel that his answers were being opposed by the prince of the Persian kingdom.

So there are people that pray to God without knowing that the devil is there somewhere trying to block them from getting that which God has promised them in their time. Proverbs 19:9; God is the one that establishes someone’s steps and without the devil delaying them. Basically, God brought you down to Earth and gave you steps that you were supposed to go through but because of the devil, you find that the life you are living is not according to the steps that God had set for you. When you read Psalm 73:2 “… my feet had almost slipped…” The bible shows that there is a possibility that it is possible for someone to slip in their steps. These are not normal physical footsteps, but someone’s spiritual or physical life heading towards success.

In the bible there is a servant of the Lord that had been delayed, Mark 5:6-20; This person with an evil spirit inside him had a calling to serve the Lord by preaching the gospel; which is why after being saved, he went on to preach the gospel in Decapolis but he did stay in the graveyard for many years which he could have spent serving the Lord. That is why today you can find many people with the calling to serve the God but the devil gives them thoughts opposite of that and they come to realization in the end that they have wasted so many years being delayed.

This is how the devil can delay someone in their studies, business, success, progress, relationships etc. This can happen when unclean spirits enter someone and block their steps in success, and if that person has no knowledge that it is the devil that is doing so, they will end up blaming and giving up hope completely.

To have control over your steps you have to make a decision to fight in the spiritual realm. Which is why there are some people who are born again and others who are not who have been prophesied for by many servants of God but none have come true until this day; this is because they chose not to fight in the spiritual realm. That is why when Daniel realized that the time for being enslaved were long over,  he decided to fast and pray so to take control over the steps that God had planned.

It is important to know that when God promises you something, it is not set that you will receive it at that time because there is someone on its opposition. Daniel prayed for 21 days without answers and it is possible that he started to blame God for not answering but in fact the problem was with the kings of the skies. All the same, if you do not decide to fight with the kings of the skies and the devil, you can find yourself in life battles without any victory. It is important to use the authority that Jesus Christ had lef us at the cross to destroy the devil that is trying to delay your success in the name of Jesus Christ.

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